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Essential & Fragrance Oil Properties
The chart below is very helpful. We also recommend The Encyclopedia of Essential  Oils, by Julia Lawless and The Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, by Scott Cunningham for further information about Essential & Fragrance Oils.
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Element Metaphysical Spiritual & Healing Use
Bergamot E.O. Fire  Money  Encouraging, Anti-Depressant, Balances Bath & Body, Diffuser
Carnation F.O. Fire Protection, Blessing  Stimulates, Strengthens Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Cedarwood E.O. Fire  Money, Healing, Protection, Purification Calming, Comforting, Strengthening Bath & Body, Diffuser, Flea Repellant
Cinnamon E.O. Fire  Protection, Love, Power Stimulates creativity, Anti-depressant Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Citronella E.O. Air Purification Optimism  Insect Repellent
Coconut F.O. Water Love, Courage, Protection Inner Peace Bath & Body, Diffuser
Cypress E.O. Earth  Comfort, Longevity, Protection Mental Powers Bath & Body, Diffuser
Eucalyptus E.O. Water  Healing, Protection, Exorcism Stimulant, Mental Focus Insect Repellent, Bath & Body (Use caution in Bath), Diffuser
Frankincense F.O. Fire Protection, Exorcism, Purifies, Uplifts, Strengthens, Dignifies Promotes receptivity and Spiritually, Aids meditation Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Freesia F.O. Air New Beginnings, New Awareness Opening & Stimulating of the Heart Chakra  Bath & Body, Diffuser
Gardenia F.O. Water Love, Peace  Spirituality, Stimulates Heart Chakra Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Geranium E.O. Water Love, Fertility, Protection Calming, Balancing, Anti-Depressant, PMS Bath & Body, Diffuser
Ginger E.O. Fire  Prosperity, Love, Aphrodisiac, Power, Healing Strengthens, Warms the spirit Bath & Body, Diffuser
Grapefruit E.O. Air Protection, Healing Anti-Depressant, Energizing, Strengthens Spirit, Raises Self Esteem Bath & Body, Diffuser, Oily Skin Care
Heliotrope F.O. Fire  Exorcism, Prosperity, Invisibility Soothes nerves, calms, Controls Anxiety Bath & Body, Diffuser
High John the Conqueror F.O. Fire Prosperity, Love, Protection Repels negativity, negative intentions and adverse conditions Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Honeysuckle F.O. Earth Prosperity, Protection Relaxing, Soothing, Uplifting, Psychic Powers Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Jasmine F.O. Water Love, Money, Dreams, Aphrodisiac, Anti-depressant Spiritual Love, Raises Vibrations Bath & Body, Diffuser, Aphrodisiac, Incense
Lavender E.O. Air Love, Inner Peace, Purification, Protection Calming, Balancing, Strengthening, Stimulating, Healing, PMS  Insect Repellent, Bath & Body, Oily Skin Care, Dry Skin Care, Incense
Lemon E.O. Water  Purification, Love, Friendship Clarity, Calming, Mental Powers Cleansing, Healing, Bath & Body, Diffuser
Lemon Grass E.O. Air  Psychic Powers, Passion Invigorating, Refreshing, Relaxing, Calming Bath & Body, Diffuser
Lilac F.O. Water  Exorcism, Protection, Peace, Harmony Mind clearing,  Memory & Concentration Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Lime E.O. Water  Friendship, Strength Stimulates, Strengthens Bath & Body, Diffuser
Magnolia F.O. Earth  Love, Fidelity, Fertility, Prosperity Purity, Clear thinking, Power Bath & Body, Diffuser
Mandarin E.O. Fire  Happiness, Joy, Aphrodisiac Calming, Relaxing Bath & Body, Diffuser
Mimosa F.O. Water  Protection, Purification, Dreams, Love Soothes worries, Lifts Spirits Bath & Body, Diffuser
Musk F.O. Earth Enhanced power, Aphrodisiac, Attraction  Strengthens focus  Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Myrrh F.O. Water  Protection, Purification,  Exorcism Spirituality, Balances, Stimulates Crown Chakra Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Orange E.O. Fire Love, Prosperity, Divination, Luck Relaxing, Balancing, Stimulating, Sensual Bath & Body, Diffuser
Orris F.O. Water Love, Protection, Divination Communication with higher beings Bath & Body, Diffuser
Patchouli E.O. Earth  Prosperity,  Passion Aphrodisiac  Bath & Body, Diffuser
Peppermint E.O. Fire Purification, Healing Mental Clarity Bath & Body, Diffuser
Pine E.O. Fire Prosperity, Fertility Strengthening Diffuser
Rose F.O.  Water Love Strengthen Heart Chakra & Spirit Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Rose Geranium E.O. Water Protection Removes sadness & fear Bath & Body, Diffuser
Rosemary E.O. Fire Protection, Love, Mental Powers, Passion, Purification Uplifting, Courage, Mental Stimulant, Strength Bath & Body, Diffuser, Massage, Headaches
Rue E.O. Fire Healing, Exorcism, Love Dispels negativity, Purification Diffuser, Incense
Sage E.O. Air  Wisdom, Protection, Purification  Cleanses, Balances, Strengthens Bath & Body (Use caution in  bath), Diffuser
Sandalwood F.O. Water Protection, Exorcism Spirituality, Harmonizing Bath & Body, Diffuser
Sweet Pea F.O. Water  Love, Friendship, Courage, Strength Loyalty, Devotion Bath & Body, Diffuser
Tangerine E.O. Fire Protection, Defense Eases tension, soothes  Bath & Body, Diffuser
Vanilla F.O. Water  Passion, Mental Powers Calms, Relaxes Bath & Body, Diffuser
Verbena, Lemon E.O. Earth Prosperity, Love, Peace, Protection, Purification Calms, Improves concentration Bath & Body, Diffuser
Vetivert E.O. Earth  Luck, Love, Prosperity, Hex Breaking Grounding, Regenerative, Strengthening, Luck Bath & Body, Diffuser
Violet F.O. Water Luck, Protection, Passion, Wishes, Reuniting Stimulates Throat Chakra, Healing Bath & Body, Diffuser
Wisteria E.O. Water Protection Calls aid from higher spiritual forces Bath & Body, Diffuser
Ylang-Ylang E.O. Water Love, Peace, Calming, Tension Relieving Balancing, Strengthens Spirit, Aphrodisiac, Magnetic Bath & Body, Diffuser

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