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Our exclusive wholesale natural aromatherapy product lines include:


The Aromatherapy Of The Goddess line features:

1. Goddess Potions: Our exclusive signature scents, Goddess Potions are unique synergies of Essential & Fragrance Oils.
2. Essential & Fragrance Oils: Pure Essential Oils & True to Nature Fragrance Oils.
3. Bath & Body Oils: Our Natural Bath & Body Oils are a luxurious, emollient blend of Sunflower and Safflower Oils, with Vitamin E added. The skin care qualities of these fine Body Oils far surpass commercial moisturizing lotions.
4. Body Lotions: Our Natural Body Lotions are formulated with Vitamin & Nutrient rich Natural Vegetable Oils. We do not use Mineral Oil, Petrolatum or Animal By-Products in our Lotions. These thick, rich and creamy lotions offer optimal skin care qualities, leaving your skin feeling nourished and healthy.
5. Body & Hand Wash: Our Natural Body & Hand Washes are formulated from mild Coconut Oil based cleansers. They are loaded with wonderful Botanical Extracts and enriched with natural conditioners to moisturize your skin.
6. Mineral Bath Salts: Our Natural Aromatherapy Mineral Bath Salts are made with mineral rich Solar Kiln Pacific Sea Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt and Epsom Salt.
7. Massage Rub Lotions & Oils: Each of our unique blends are available in both Massage Oil and Massage Lotion. These high quality Massage Rubs have been specially formulated for both certified Massage Therapists and personal use. Our Massage Rubs also provide many wonderful nutrients to the skin and may also be used as Body Oils or Lotions.
8. Herbal Soaps: Natural Soaps with unique Herbal & Essential Oil blends.
9. Herbal Bath Teas (Tub Teas): 100% Natural, Therapeutic Herbal Blends for the Bath.

The Aromatherapy Of The Goddess line transcends Of The Goddess Ltd.'s original concept of New Age inspired natural aromatherapy products. This popular line offers a wide variety of Intent focused Aromatherapy and Bath & Body products as well as Healing and Nurturing Aromatherapy and Bath & Body products. Our logo was designed to symbolize the Goddess in her many forms: the Spiral Goddess, the Three Phases of the Moon and the Tree of Life. 

The Aquae Sulis Elixirs line features:

1. Floral Waters (Hydrosols): multi-use Floral Water Sprays.
2. Floral Water Toners: 100% Natural Toners utilizing Floral Waters, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera.

The Aquae Sulis Elixirs line was inspired by the ancient Roman Baths of Britain - Aquae Sulis, who took their name Aquae (Water in Latin) Sulis from the Celtic Goddess of Healing. Our Logo utilizes two ancient Alchemical Symbols for Water. Elixirs are synonymous with Waters, Tonics and Potions. This is a specialized line of products for Personal and Home Use. 

The Via Salaria Spa line features:

1. Via Salaria Salt Scrubs: All Natural Salt Scrubs scented with pure essential oils.

Our Via Salaria Spa line is a Roman/Latin inspired natural product line that utilizes the Latin name for the ancient road used to carry salt to Rome - Via Salaria, which means The Salt Way. This line inspired by the ancient Romans uses the ancient Alchemical Symbol for Salt in it's logo. Via Salaria Salt Scrubs are 100% Natural Salt Scrubs. Other companies use lower grade carrier oils (vegetable oils), such as Castor and Soy, and preservatives. We feature a blend of high grade Vegetable Oils that add moisture to the skin while exfolliating. 

The Terra Verde Spa line features:

1. Terra Verde Natural Walnut Scrubs & Aloe Gels:

Our Terra Verde Spa products are for facial as well as body care. Featuring Natural Walnut Scrubs & Aloe Gels. These specialized products are named utilizing again, the Roman influence - Terra Verde, meaning the Green Earth. The Goddess in one of her many incarnations is symbolized as the Great Mother Goddess, Mother Earth. Gaia was her name in Greek. The Sheaves of Wheat in our Logo symbolize the bounty of the Earth.

The Triple Goddess line features:

1. Triple Goddess Balms and Whipped Shea Butters: Utilizing the healing and softening skin care properties of Shea Butter.
2. Triple Goddess Essential Oil & Hydrosol Sprays: Formulated for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats, may be used as cooling sprays by all. 100% Natural!

The Triple Goddess Products were initially created for the Menopause Market, however they transcend into a variety of markets. Triple Goddess Blessed Body Balm is infused with Essential Oils to help lessen the affects of aging. Triple Goddess Sweet Relief Pain Balm is designed for Arthritis relief, infused with essential oils that help alleviate arthritis pain. The Logo is a soft feminine and healing burst of Pinks and Greens. This line of products although designed specifically for Menopause can be used by all ages and men enjoy the Balms too. 

For more information about our product ingredients please see our Product Ingredient page and our Ingredient Glossary page...



Of The Goddess Ltd. is a Woman Owned Company, whose Natural Products, Business Policies and Principles are based on EnlightenmentSpiritual Theory, Healing and the Well Being of All. 


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Summer Sunburn Tip: Sandy of Oregon recently wrote to tell us that our Lavendar Body Lotion, "took the pain and sting out of my sunburn and kept me from peeling!

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