Founded in 1995, Of The Goddess Ltd. is a Woman Owned Company, whose Natural Aromatherapy and Bath & Body Products, Business Policies and Principles are based on Enlightenment, Spiritual Theory, Healing and the Well Being of All.

Originally located in Toluca Lake, CA, Of The Goddess Ltd. recently moved to Amesbury, Massachusetts. Recipes for all of the products are taken directly from ancient tradition and have been created by the founder of the company, Pamela J. Leavey.

Of The Goddess Ltd. utilizes only the finest pure essential oils, true to nature fragrance oils, food grade vegetable oils, solar kiln sea salt, and herbs, resins and roots. Ninety percent of the company’s products contain no chemical preservatives or additives, those products that do utilize botanically derived chemical preservatives and additives. There are no animal by-products used. Products are never tested on animals, only happy humans!

Ecologically friendly and user-safe PET plastic bottles and jars are used for all bath & body, spa and specialty products, and all containers contain UV protectants to preserve the integrity of the essential oils and other natural ingredients. Each of the product lines feature logos that have been inspired by and reflect the Goddess in her many forms and aspects. Our colorful labels are printed ecologically friendly high-gloss paper labels.

Products from Of The Goddess Ltd. are available for resale to Bath & Body Shops, New Age Shops, Gift Shops and Women’s Specialty Shops, Health Food & Natural Healing Stores, Hotels and Spas, across the U.S..

The high quality and accessible price points of the products makes them saleable in a multitude of markets. This meets the company’s goal: to create natural products for healing, relaxation and intent that transcend the traditional Aromatherapy and Bath & Body products currently available, and that are easily accessible to people the world over who desire positive change and well being in their lives.

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