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  • About Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, absolute oils and hydrosols. For some uses, aromatherapy may include fragrance oils.

  • Advanta Magazine: Read about Pamela J. Leavey & Of The Goddess Ltd. in Advanta Magazine

  • Amenities: Of The Goddess Ltd. offers Hotel Amenities and complimentary Gift Sets of our Amenities for resale in Hotel Gift Shops and Spas

  • Aquae Sulis: Our Aquae Sulis Elixirs Collection features Floral Waters (Hydrosols) & Floral Water Toners.

  • Aromatherapy: Of The Goddess Ltd offers natural aromatherapy, bath & body, massage therapy and spa products at wholesale prices for qualified retailers, spas, hotels and inns, massage therapists, aromatherapists and healing arts practitioners.

  • Bath and Body: Our affordable, upscale wholesale natural aromatic bath & body, massage and spa at home products are available wholesale...

  • Founder's Biography: A Massachusetts native, Pamela Leavey...

  • Blog: Visit our Blog for tips on Aromatherapy use, our products and more...

  • Business: Founded in 1995, Of The Goddess Ltd. is a Woman Owned Company, whose Natural Aromatherapy and Bath & Body Products, Business Policies and Principles are based on Enlightenment, Spiritual Theory, Healing and the Well Being of All.

  • Caring & Sharing: At Of The Goddess Ltd. we believe that caring and sharing are vital aspects of life.

  • Clients: We are proud to list among our many clients.

  • Contact: We are available to answer your questions and concerns.

  • Custom Blends: Your Custom Blended Scents can be used in any of our Body Oils, Body Lotions, Foam Baths, Bath Salts, etc. Massage Therapists can request special formulas that work with in their needs as well.

  • Essential Oils: Essential Oil Facts - Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from various parts of aromatic plants, flowers and trees. They are most commonly extracted by steam distillation, a process whose origins may be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia.

  • Essential Oils 2: Essential Oil Facts #2 - Essential Oils can be utilized for many external uses & inhalation. Essential oils are highly concentrated, topical use should be done with extreme care and caution.

  • FAQS: Our FAQs page is here to answer many frequently asked questions..

  • Herbal Products: If you are searching for Herbs, Herbal Incenses, Herbal Bath Teas and Herbal Teas.

  • Hotel Amenities: We offer a selection of Hotel Amenities and Gift Sets for resale in your Hotel or Inn Gift Shop. Our Price List for volume orders.

  • Hydrosols: Hydrosol Information - Hydrosols are also known as Floral Water or Distillate Water. It is the water that remains in the still after distilling an Essential Oil.

  • Index: Of The Goddess Ltd. offers a wide selection of Wholesale Aromatherapy, Bath & Body, Massage Therapy and Spa Products, Hotel Amenities and Bulk Aromatherapy Supplies. 

  • Ingredients: A listing of the ingredients in our products.

  • Ingredient Glossary: A glossary of definitions of the various ingredients used in our products.

  • In The News: Of The Goddess Ltd. "In The News"

  • Mission: Of The Goddess Ltd. offers natural Products that are designed for healing, relaxation and intent. It is our belief that when we feel self-love and self-confidence, the emotional and spiritual channels that allow well being and abundance to flow into our body and soul, naturally open.

  • Oil Chart: We offer a large selection of Essential & Fragrance Oils in 5 ML & 12 Ml Cobalt Euro Droppers for Resale and in Volume Sizes, too. The chart below is very helpful to determine the uses of various Essential & Fragrance Oils.

  • Our Products: Aromatherapy is an Ancient Art. Our products are based on the ancient principles and use of Aromatherapy.

  • Product Lines: Our exclusive product lines include - Aromatherapy Of The Goddess, Aquae Sulis Elixirs, Terra Verde Spa, Triple Goddess and Via Salaria Spa.

  • Shea Butter Facts: Shea Butter comes from the large brown seed of the fruit of the Shea tree.

  • Shop Wholesale: Visit our On Line Store where you can place a Secure Wholesale Order for our All Natural Aromatherapy, Bath & Body, Spa and Massage Therapy Products

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  • Testimonials: Testimonials from satisfied, happy clients.


    Of The Goddess Ltd. is a Woman Owned Company, whose Natural Products, Business Policies and Principles are based on EnlightenmentSpiritual Theory, Healing and the Well Being of All. 





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